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Jersey Framing Tips

In the event today is your first visit to JerseyFraming.ca the below you’ll find several tips to assure your project stays on time and budget.

  1. Check your jersey for dirt/marks/imperfections before sending or bringing to be framed.
  2. Check for the names and numbers being stitched on straight (if crooked it will be crooked in the frame). Lay items out flat on a table or clean floor and check them over.
  3. Not all jersey lay perfectly. Every sport & manufacturer is different.
  4. Gretzky Jerseys – if you want a cup photo included and want it to match – buy a white jersey (His Cup wins in Edmonton always seemed to be in the white jersey.
  5. Do your research when buying any signed items. Check that the memorabilia company is reputable and if at all possible stay away from EBay. Remember, the real things will not be cheap – buying the cheapest version of your desired players signature is almost always a sure fire way to end up with a fake. Feel free to email me with any questions.
  6. Reach out and ask me for a shipping quote if you’re sending items in to be framed. Remember, your ship to address must be a commercial address (yours, a friend or family members).
  7. If framing something as a gift remember to leave enough time. I’m very fortunate that my work is sought after so timelines can be longer than 2 or 3 weeks quote often.
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